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September 5, 2018

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October 12, 2017

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How Getting Soaked Keeps People Dry

June 26, 2018

Thanx 4 The Cheesy Snax


Every so often Telling Tales Films teams up with our buddies at Eat Pictures to do a bit of charitable work. When we work like this we do it under the banner of Still Small Films. Yes, it does gives us a warm glow inside, but it's also our way of showing gratitude for the regular work that pays our bills and keeps us in cheesy-snacks!


The Umbrella Has It Covered


So we decided to offer a video to Bristol Hospitality Network, a charity that provides accommodation and support to destitute asylum seekers. Having listened to stories about those being helped by BHN, we were struck by one asylum-seeker's description of the charity. His name is Emmanuel and he said that BHN was like an 'Umbrella'.


That hooked us and we decided this image would be perfect to explain how the charity rescues people who are basically out of options.


Only one problem - we needed rain! Not the real stuff, but rain that shows up on camera and (just as important) only when you want it.


Creating The Rain-Machine


Once we'd recorded Emmanuel's story of how BHN has helped him, it was time to build the Rain-Machine. 


First-off we tried using a garden hose str to sprinkle. This was OK apart from not being able to fill the whole shot and was a little too tempting to start a water fight!


Secondly, after numerous Youtube clips showing different rain-making techniques, we settled on a simple combination consisting of:

a) Old hose-pipe with holes drilled every few centimetres

b) Two lengths of 2"x4"

c) Two lengths of drain-pipe

d) Hose-pipe attachements

e) Two lighting stands


This time, the rain was more spread out and easier for the camera to pick up. Finally, we're getting there!


Getting Wet To Keep Dry 


It was a night in early June and we were ready to get filming. The location was perfect for the simple urban image we were after as well as being close to a water supply and dry towels and a nice warm shower.

It was Emmanuel who had inspired this idea and he graciously saw it through to completion by agreeing to star in the video. That basically meant standing under cold water for extended periods and getting soaking wet! But it was all in a good cause - helping provide shelter and hope for other asylum-seekers in his position.


Here's the finished film - we hope you like it:

If you can, why not donate some time or money to this amazing charity.

Just click here BHN

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