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September 5, 2018

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September 22, 2017

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Be Funny, Get Through

August 29, 2017

If you make your audience laugh you'll have their attention. 

So it's worth investing time and effort to put some chuckle-value into your videos!  


Recently, we were asked to promote a conference and decided to use a light-hearted animation. Here's how we went about it - maybe you can use some of our ideas to promote your next event?


1. Information is Just the Beginning 

There were some simple facts our client wanted to get across - 

1. They have a conference

2. It's on a certain date

3. Great stuff is happening

4. People need to book their places


That's the basic information, but how to make it attention-grabbing?


We decided to go with singing fruit - obviously!


2. Find a Character, Find a Story

We can all identify with feeling alone or abandoned so this was our way into the message. 'Billie Banana' doesn't want to be Billie-no-Mates at the singers conference. There's our character, our story and our hook to get the basic information across. 


 3. How We Did It?


Once we had our idea and story outline, we collected fruit, googly-eyes and cut-out cartoon mouths.

Then we photographed each element separately on a green screen (apart from the fruit with green bits - we did those on a white background)


Finally we layered all the different elements using Final Cut Pro X   and some sound effects including an actual recording of our client's choir 

 And here's the finished product -


 Give us a call if we can help you promote you business or event.

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