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September 5, 2018

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October 12, 2017

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Get video working for you - even on a tight budget!

September 22, 2017

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3 reasons for NOT using video

May 30, 2017

We all know exercise is good for us, right? But knowing and doing are not the same thing. It’s a bit like that with video, we all know it’s an essential marketing tool, but that's not the same as using it!


I took a casual survey on LinkedIn recently and (based on answers I received) here’s the 3 BIG reasons people said they, or their clients, don’t use video:


1. Expensive


This was the main reason cited for not using video. If businesses were not put off initially by the fees of a production company, then it was the potential extras, charged on top of those fees, that made them walk away. Some businesses were then faced with a dilemma between making promotional videos using their own resources verses the desire for high quality. Faced with this paralysing choice, they opted for not using video all together. There’s no getting away from it, despite massive reductions in production cost over the last 10 years, video can seem a relatively high business expense.


However, because the social aspect of modern communication favours regular use of video, schemes such as Telling Tales Films retainer programme can dramatically reduce the cost. With this scheme, we commit to produce a specific number of differently themed videos over a fixed period for a monthly retainer fee. The cost per video can be greatly reduced while the effectiveness for promoting your business greatly increased.


2. Complicated


If you’ve not used video professionally before, then it can seem daunting. Where do you start? The perception that making a video is like entering a labyrinth can be doubly off-putting because it feels potentially like a very long process. Things can move fast in business and so the question arises, ‘What if I go through the long and expensive process of making a video and then, because things have moved on, the video is quickly out-of-date?’ While this is a mind-set issue (we will deal with this below) it is still a very real obstacle for a business considering the use of video. The retainer option (above) does deal with this issue by offering regular and strategic output.


3. Vague Results


Of course this is the key question - is it worth it? Will there be any measurable results? Or will all that time and money just get sucked down a black hole? This is not the place to list the overwhelming evidence for how effective video is for marketing but you can google it or check out this graphic.


The amazing thing is that by using free tools (like google analytics or Facebook Ad Manager) it is extremely easy to accurately measure the effectiveness of the videos you use.


But what if we think differently about video?


What if video is simply another way to build relationships, communicate and be creative? In other words, things we do already - all the time. Here’s how we can do these things through the medium of video:


a) Build Relationships


Don’t be a stranger! A friendship doesn’t work if you never see someone. There needs to be regular contact. So to promote your business with video, try uploading little bits of video, often. You’ve got great people doing doing great stuff, so find ways to show off the character and personality of your organisation.


b) Communicate


People who are good at what they do usually have loads to say but your video communication, like all good communication, will be more effective with a clear focus. It can help to give focus by asking 3 simple questions before making a video: (i) What does this video need to do? (ii) What is the big idea we are communicating? (iii) Who is the audience? The very act of asking yourself these questions will greatly improve the chances of your video hitting the mark.


c) Be Creative


Relax! If you worry too much about Cost vs. Quality then creativity can get squeezed out. Just tell stories about your products, the people they help and the processes you use. Quality is less about technical prowess than Compelling Content. Just have fun!


I hope this helps.


If you have any questions about video and how it can help you business thrive, please get in touch at or call on 07812367583


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